Fresh farm fries: Veerman Goudswaard

Adriaan and Pieter Veerman, sons of former Dutch Minister of Agriculture Cees Veerman, have their farm just south of Rotterdam. There they grow potatoes and cut these to fresh farm fries. Both consumers as well as companies find their way to the farm more and more often. So it was time for a next step: the addition of a new modern potato storage facility.

Geerlofs Refrigeration was given the order to deliver the storage technology. The ammonia pump system which will be built and installed, offers the company modern refrigeration technology which is environmentally friendly and ready for the future. The Gispro® control system with proprietary software from Geerlofs, controls not only the refrigeration system but includes as well the heating function and the ventilation hatches for drying and free cooling. Next to that Gispro® gives the user valuable information on storage history and produce data. The PLC system is connected to the internet through Gismo® and allows the owners to access the system from anywhere. Geerlofs as well can track system health from a distance.

The energy usage will be low because of frequency controlled compressor and ventilation fans. Also heat recovery is in place for use in the heating and drying functionality and the defrosting of coolers. And even more important: the energy which is being used is generated by solar panels; the potato storage will be completely energy neutral.

And thus the passion of the brothers Veerman can continue to grow: Fresh Fries direct from the Farm!


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