What AiroCide is:

AiroCide is a compact and easily applied air cleaning unit, which ensures clean air quality. This patented product was developed in cooperation with NASA. The technology used for this unit is a combination of two known techniques, photo-catalytic oxidation and ultraviolet light. These techniques are lethal to pathogenic organisms. Produce, humans and the environment are not harmed, since no chemicals are released and no ozone is produced. This unit is not a filter.

Practical effects:

  • Destroys bacteria, mould, fungus, pollen and microscopic dust particles.
  • Prevents the formation of, for example, botrytis and penicillium digitatum.
  • Free of chemicals and produces no ozone or other substances.
  • Reduces and breaks down ethylene gas.
  • Can reduce fungus in the air by 95% within 24 hours.
  • Can reduce bacteria in the air by 100% within 24 hours.
  • Is delivered ready to use and can start cleaning the air directly.


AiroCide is delivered ready to use and needs no special wiring. Installation against wall or ceiling is possible. The system has been designed to work 24 hours a day. At the air inlet a filter is used to protect the fan. If the filter is blocked, it can be cleaned or replaced. It is recommended to change the lamps and the filter once a year.

Technical specifications:

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