Every company has its recognizable milestones, a period of opening chapters and closing chapters. Moments which will remain in the history of the company as permanent light beacons. If a company exists over 75 years, a lot of beacons are left behind. A short overview of the recent history.


Starting of Geerlofs Refrigeration by mr. R. Geerlofs. At first a small company with few employees for catering and small stores.


The company is taken over by the second generation of Geerlofs, mr. A. Geerlofs. The company was managed with a more technical vision than with a commercial vision. Butchers, backers, growers and traders knew how to find the road to Geerlofs Refrigeration.


Mister R.P. Geerlofs took his entry. Not the technology, but the market, the relations and the functional solutions were the center point of the organization. Gisopanels, the modern sandwich panels were introduced. The international trade became stronger. At first in the Middle East in the seventies. After this the view was broadened by different continents, such as Asia and Africa.


Geerlofs Refrigeration was mainly working in the sectors of catering and the food producing industry. Mechanical cooling was a novelist technique for visionary growers of flowers and vegetables.

This year Geerlofs Refrigeration introduces a new product: Gisopanel.

Isolated sandwich panels to construct refrigerator cells. Large company halls are more and more made of Gisopanels. In particular cases a main steal construction is not needed. Gisopanels are very strong. Food safe is for these kind of projects the bottom line. Company halls of Gisopanel are in particular suitable for the food industry. Building according the norm of the H.A.C.C.P. (European norms) are the criteria for the design.


Geerlofs Refrigeration is growing fast. Not only in the west of the Netherlands, also in the north growers and industry has found its way to Rijswijk. An office in the north of the Netherlands is opened to serve customers more quickly.


The office in Kenya is a fact. Just as for the Dutch growers, technological high standing refrigeration cells for the flower industry in Kenya are needed.


Geerlofs Refrigeration is standing in for high quality, safety and clarity. A lot of effort is invested to keep the ISO 9001 certificate and the VCA** certificate. Not as a goal itself, but as a way to optimize the primary processes. Employees are more involved, which leads to an even higher quality and even more involvement with the customer.


After 40 years of captain of a modern managed company, manager and owner mr. R.P. Geerlofs withdraws himself from the operational management, by means of a management buy-out of the directors mr. Simon Benard and mr. Eric de Beij of the offices in Rijswijk en Drachten.


Geerlofs Refrigeration with offices worldwide has become part of the Smeva Group. We provide solutions for the food value chain from development through production, storage, processing and distribution until the sale of food, flowers and pharmaceutical products.


Geerlofs Refrigeration moves to a spacious modern building in Rotterdam. It gives us the opportunity to grow on the assembly side as well as in the engineering and support of customers.

Geerlofs head office