Tissue culture laboratories

A tissue culture laboratory is a building where little plants are grown in a climate chamber or growth chamber for research, breeding or multiplication. It consists of media rooms, cutting rooms and growth chambers.

These plants could be tomatoes or a new species of asparagus, or even the phalaenopsis orchid, that is multiplied and grown to a certain size before transferring it to the greenhouse.

Growth chambers

In the growth chambers one can perfectly control temperature, humidity, air speed, amount of (artificial) light and the nutrition for the plants. The chamber influences the growth of the plant in a positive way. The required result can be reached faster in a growth chamber because the conditions can be optimised.

Important design matters

Mostly, climate or growth chambers in a laboratory are situated in a hygienically sealed building. There is no influence of the weather or the classic day and night light pattern, which provides a lot of freedom for the breeding company or research organisation. This method is chosen when nothing can be left to chance. Every small new plant is vulnerable and if classic methods do not work or contain risks (like sowing or slipping plants), tissue culturing in a climate chamber may be a good solution.

Hygiene in the growth chamber

Hygiene is of utmost importance because the best results can only be reached when this part is well organised in the climate and growth chambers. By using air filtration, and if necessary sterilisation combined with air pressure control in the building and special door technologies, the entire lab is kept ‘clean’.

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