Pre-cool room and pre-cool walls

In general, fast cooling of a fresh produce is done in a specially designed pre-cool room. In this pre-cooler, we install a large cooling capacity that is determined by our analytical model, in which we enter your data such as: which produce, which incoming temperature, which quantity and information about the logistics of your produce.

Construction of the pre-cooler

For this we equip the pre-cool room with a blast wall that is placed against the wall of the cold store. The fans in the blast wall provide a lot of air circulation over and around the produce that transfers the coldness to it. To achieve this, the wall contains openings where the boxes or pallets can be placed tight against the wall. For sucking-walls, a protection cover is used in order to guide the airflow of the supporting fans properly over the product.

Use of a pre-cooler

After the produce has reached its desired temperature, the pre-cool wall will switch off automatically with the optional control mechanism. The pre-cool room can in this case also be used for storage. However, the cooled produce will often be transferred to a ‘regular’ cold storage in order to use the pre-cool room for the next batch.

Geerlofs pre-cool rooms have the following advantages for you:

  • Knowledge of your fresh produce: a tailor-made room for breeders and growers in the floricultural field, vegetables and fruits
  • Fast cooling without excessive dehydratio
  • Easy loading and unloading of the pre-cool room: fast logistic processing