Wouw Agro


The fresh produce is the most important
“My storage facility consists out of 8 cold stores, 2 of which are suitable for bulk storage and 6 for storage in crates. Because I can control the temperature accurately, there is the smallest variation possible in produce temperature. This helps to guarantee the best produce quality. The visualization software, made specifically for me, offers me the possibility to track and control temperature, humidity and operating hours. The closure of the doors is essential for the humidity, the refrigeration system and the energy usage of the same. Frequency controlled fans and the mechanical cooling of Geerlofs help to keep my produce in top shape”.

Turn key cold stores
“Every part is tuned to each other, I deal with one contact person only and the mechanical engineer minding my equipment knows everything there is to know about doors, hatches, automation, ventilation and mechanical cooling. The offering of this complete concept and the expertise of Geerlofs were decisive in selecting them to do this job together with me”.

Geerlofs: the ideal partner
“Through the overall knowledge and expertise, the enormous involvement and short communication lines, Geerlofs is the ideal partner for me. They listen to me, think with me and we learn from each other in order to get to the best level there is available. A pleasant cooperation with mutual trust”.

Ronald van de Wouw, Wouw Agro.