Gispro®, control for cooling technology

Gispro® is Geerlofs’ hardware and software solution for the control of post harvest storage systems for tubers like potatoes and onions. It takes care of the control of the Geerlofs Giscool® refrigeration and ventilation systems based on actual weather data, product quality data and system information. It displays all relevant data (and more) on a touch screen for you to look at and change.


These requirements for keeping tubers fresh are well understood by Geerlofs Refrigeration as we have over the past decades cooperated with farmers who are in the fore front of long term storage. In this way farmers’ knowledge on the produce is integrated in our Gispro® control. Our own software engineers have developed an overall approach, combining the ventilation and refrigeration processes into one single control. Gispro® automates what you don’t want to be bothered with and gives you the freedom to adjust those items for which you want to have flexibility.

Your advantages of the integrated approach with Gispro®

  • Gispro® automatically chooses the best possible regulation to cool or freeze your fresh produce.
  • Gispro® has the intelligence to achieve the lowest possible energy consumption:
    -Integrated control of mechanical cooling developed by Geerlofs itself
    – For ventilation systems: free cooling when possible
  • Gispro® gives the opportunity to contribute your own experience:
    – Air circulation based on room temperature differences
    – Choose automatically or manually
    – Alarm max/min settings
    – Settings of the ventilation process
    – Drying with air heaters or ventilation air (potatoes and onions)
  • Gispro® clear visualization and user-friendly
  • Gispro® data logging and data analysis in table and graph
  • Gispro® sends alarms by SMS and/or email
  • Gispro® remote approach with internet connection, see also Gismo®
  • Gispro® makes optional fan heaters possible
  • Gispro® makes connection of air humidifiers possible
  • Gispro® is easily expandable into the future