Distribution at airports

In the storage and trans-shipment at transport companies or in a perishable centre at airports the stakes are high. Just as high as the value of the good that are daily stored and processed there.

Important aspects in distribution and logistics

Reliability of refrigeration technology, measured in value and consistency of the produce temperature.

  • Fast and simple internal logistics, due to a good design layout of the interior
  • Door technology of Gisodoor®, tailor-made
  • Building design with Gisopanel® panels, buffer edges, and clear lightening for solid use.
  • Overview with user-friendly control and visualisation with Gispro® and Gismo®.
  • Acceptable operational costs: energy consumption and maintenance

Our customers use the perishable centres we designed for the storage of various perishable goods, such as:

  • Floricultural products
  • Fish and meat
  • Potatoes, vegetables and fruit
  • bread and pastry
  • Pharmaceutical products: medicines and vaccines


With projects at Schiphol Amsterdam (KLM), Changi Airport Singapore (SATS), Mekele Ethiopia (Ethiopian Airlines), Frankfurt (Lufthansa) en Baku Azerbaijan (Silk Airways), we can proudly say that Geerlofs Refrigeration is one of the most renowned and most experienced designers and constructors of perishable centres.

The advantages of Geerlofs

  • Knowledge and experience in logistics and distribution: we know what the importance is of a continuous high produce quality, fast internal logistics, reliability and perfect insight in the status of the refrigeration system.
  • Plenty of experience in refrigeration technology: continuity and reliability at low cost.
  • Regarding pharmaceutics: our customers are among the world’s first certified storage companies.
  • Extensive and tailor-made control and visualisation with Gispro®, which provides control, flexibility and insight.
  • References in your branch: our experience ensures a good result.