Sustainability cooling technology

Sustainable designing has several aspects:

  • Long lifespan: quality components with a long lifespan
  • Using materials that have a low impact on the environment during and after their working life: natural refrigerants such as ammonia and carbon dioxide.
  • Reduce energy consumption due to a good design
  • Reduce energy consumption during use by continuous improvements
  • Reuse heat generated by the cooling installation
  • And the biggest impact for you as fresh trader: minimise the waste of fresh produce

Cooling agent

The choice of refrigerant serves as a model for environmental care. At Geerlofs Refrigeration, you will only find natural cooling agents such as ammonia, carbon dioxide or an ammonia/carbon dioxide combination and synthetic cooling agents with low GWP values, such as R134a and R407c. See also: Natural and synthetic refrigerants

Heat recovery

Cooling is nothing more than transferring heat. Often this heat is disposed outside. But why not use this heat for the floor heating of your offices, or to heat the water you would like to use for the production process. This is not only a matter of transferring the heat to a useful thing, but also an intelligent way to use this heat optimally.

What are the possibilities and the limits? In a recent major project, Geerlofs Refrigeration has been able to build a refrigerated vegetable distribution centre, without the need to us any equipment to heat the building: all heat for the offices and for keeping for instance packaging material storage frost-free comes from the cooling installation.

Energy Scan: continuous improvements

You can have your installation and its performance checked regularly with the Geerlofs Energy Scan. We analyse the cooling installations and give advice on possible points for improvement.

Your advantages of the integrated solutions with cooling technology by Geerlofs Refrigeration:

  • Over 80 years of leading entrepreneurship in sustainable cooling technology
  • Peace of mind: be assured of your cooled business
  • Continuous search for perfection with specialised advice about the newest technologies to improve your product quality and reduce operational costs.