Dutch Flower Group


Cooling continuity utmost importance
“Dutch Flower Group consists of over twenty-five individual companies trading internationally in plants and flowers. With over 200,000 m2 of conditioned storage facilities, cooling continuity is of the utmost importance to us. Temperature fluctuations have a negative effect on flowers and plants, so we have to be able to rely on our cooling systems fully. If a disruption were to arise, then we’d need it to be resolved extremely quickly. Geerlofs has never let us down.

Geerlofs is highly committed and engaged whenever one of our companies has new construction plans. They can quickly provide practical answers to our questions based on their specific knowledge of the horticultural sector’s cooling requirements. Insight into the latest technologies also allows us to reduce our power consumption. Thanks to Geerlofs. We’re also using electrically operated sliding doors and heat recovery systems for our offices.”

Says Marco van Zijverden, Dutch Flower Group.