Laan Flora Facilities B.V.


Sustainable solutions, long life time
“We are specialized in cooling, preparation and storage of lilies, tulips and other flower bulbs. These are life products for which perfect storage conditions are essential. So it is logical for us to demand the highest from our refrigeration contractor. Already during the building design stage we involved Geerlofs Refrigeration. They listened to our wishes and demands and inspired us with their thoughts and solutions. It is noticeable that tailor made is standard for Geerlofs. No problems but maximum involvement to reach the best outcome.

Sustainability is very important for us as a company. Geerlofs Refrigeration delivered equipment designed for a long life span with a minimal impact to the environment. From the start of the design reduction of energy use was a topic. In the system frequency controlled compressors and evaporator fans are incorporated as well as intelligent control and heat recovery with which we heat our offices.

Geerlofs Refrigeration is the all-in-one partner. Competent, fixed contact persons and clear communication guarantee a pleasant cooperation.”

Says Jan Laan, Laan Flora Facilities B.V.