Freezing tunnel and spiral freezer

Bread products (such as rolls and mini pizzas), potatoes (fries and rösti) and small fish and meat products are often cooled in freezing tunnels and spiral freezers. In less than an hour, the products can be cooled down, in one or more steps, from 80°C to -20°C. Each step can be formed by a spiral freezer or the section of a freezing tunnel. This requires know-how and experience with large cooling volumes and knowledge of food on Champions League level.

The maths behind freezing

We freeze quickly, but with care. Quickly because this benefits the quality of the product and with care because just speed is not enough. At Geerlofs Refrigeration, we have come up with a mathematical model that, after setting the product parameters, produces all the data about designing the installation of the freezing tunnel or spiral: cooling capacity, air distribution and time in the tunnel or spiral are then calculated and tested again your demands and wishes.

A sugar donut has different characteristics than a chocolate donut. A chicken of 1,5 kilos asks for a different tunnel than chickens of 2,5 kilos. This is where know-how and experience in food and cooling technology come together. Geerlofs Refrigeration has provided freezing tunnels and spiral freezers for a.o. CSMBakery, Unibake Landmännen, Eurosate and Aviko.

Why cooling technology by Geerlofs for your spiral freezer or freezing tunnel?

  • Knowledge of your product
  • Ample experience in cooling
  • References in the food industry