Blast freezer and blast chiller

Freezing larger products in circumstances where a spiral or tunnel are not suited is normally done in a blast freezer, also known as a shock freezer. This is an insulated room containing a large cooling capacity. By allowing for more airflow than in a so-called holding store (where already frozen products are kept at constant temperature), it is possible to achieve fast cooling and freezing.

A blast chiller is designed and built according to the same principles, but is used for temperatures above 0°C.

The maths behind freezing

At Geerlofs Refrigeration, we have come up with a mathematical model that, after setting the product parameters, produces all the data about designing the cooling installation: cooling capacity, air distribution, time in the shock freezer or blast chiller are then calculated and tested again your demands and wishes.

The construction of a blast chiller and blast freezer

The construction of a blast freezer and blast chiller differs considerably from a regular cooling or pre-cool room. A good and even airflow is required in order to avoid freezer burn.

The blast freezer is only used to freeze goods. Once the right temperature is reached, the product is transferred to a cold storage room where it is kept at the desired temperature. The same counts for the blast chiller, used for temperatures above freezing point.

Why choose Geerlofs for your blast freezer, shock freezer and blast chiller?

  • Knowledge of your product: Geerlofs has designed and built blast freezers and chillers for the poultry sector, shrimp business and meat-processing companies.
  • Ample experience in cooling
  • References in the food industry