De Rousant


Fresh shrimps and the quality of cooling
“The quality of our produce is the most important part of our business. A number of factors influence this. First of all this includes the refrigeration equipment to keep the produce cold. But even more important is having the ability to cool down the produce quickly. Occasionally at our German facility Cuxhaven, boats come in with rather warm shrimps. These we need to cool down rapidly. If we wouldn’t then it is of no use for human consumption. This is why I discussed with Geerlofs the possibility to have mobile trailer refrigeration with a turbo cooling system. To date we have two in use and they work perfectly”.

The Geerlofs service
“Geerlofs belongs to our favorite group of suppliers because they immediately understand what we need. In the world today, when we have a query for a company, we are repeatedly put on hold and connected to people who don’t follow our demands. On this topic Geerlofs is a relief. One gets to speak to people who know what the question is and one receives a useful answer right away. For instance, when it was time to build a ‘shrimp center’ at Greetsiel, Northern Germany. We knew this had to be a turnkey project. We had contact with many possible suppliers. Ultimately one needs to conclude in one way or another, it is Geerlofs that comes with the right answer and the clearest answer against most acceptable pricing”.

Mr Van der Ploeg, owner of De Rousant