Hinged doors for cooling


  • Sendzimir galvanised steel plate
  • Standard blue plastisol coating
  • Insulation core of 50mm Gisopanel® Polystyrene EPS 80 for cooling applications
  • Insulating core of 50mm Polyurethane for hinged doors for freezing applications
  • 1,5mm white enamelled, extruded aluminium frame, fitted with a blue finishing
  • Thermal finishing for door rubber profile
  • Latches and hinges
  • Emergency release


  • Door seals door-opening hermetically
  • Aesthetically pleasing frame to finish the reveal
  • Robust door construction due to aluminium frame
  • Electrical heating around the door frame against freezing up of the doors


  • Inspection window in door panel
  • Fire-retarding finish
  • Gas-tight finish
  • Sanitary finish according to the R.V.V., H.A.C.C.P. and E.E.G. standards.
  • Sticking magnet