Gismo®, monitoring for cooling technology

Gismo® stands for Geerlofs Intelligent System for Monitoring. By applying the right hardware and software, such as Gispro® and an internet connection, Geerlofs can watch with you in order to be sure that your cooling system is working properly and continues to do so.

As the software package is extensive, deviations can be spotted early, and remote action often suffices to prevent or solve problems.

Gismo® tailor-made

Gismo®  is a service and can as such be incorporated into a service contract, together with the regular preventive and corrective service visits. It combines our knowledge and dedication to control your company and produce. Tailor-made according to your demands and wishes.

Possibilities with PLC technology
In the PLC hardware many data, such as produce and room temperature, can be logged and displayed in charts. This does not only help with the analysis of the state of the installation, but also gives an impression of the quality of your fresh goods. It requires a permanent internet connection for you to be able to look into your own system from your desk or laptop, and for us to be able to supervise via a secured web tool. This last option can be used passively (after your error message) or proactively, according to your wishes and service contract.


Our helpdesk is staffed by experienced service and support engineers who, if desired, can train and daily assist your technical employees to provide quick firsthand troubleshooting.

Your advantages of the integrated solutions with Gismo®

  • In-company software engineers and production
  • Peace of mind: be assured of your cooled business
  • Continuous information about your fresh and frozen produce, for internal and external audits
  • Direct response from the Geerlofs team via internet, telephone or on-site
  • Continuous search for perfection with specialised advice about the newest technologies to improve your product quality and reduce energy costs.