Giscool cooling technology

The designing of cooling and freezing installations for fresh produce is a specialism that Geerlofs Refrigeration masters like no one else. Our GisoCool® cooling technology gives a guaranteed basis for a high-end and secure investment in your cooling and freezing storage.

Dedicated to freshness

The quality level of your fresh produce is the main objective in our work, hence our motto ‘dedicated to freshness’. After all, your complete harvest depends on the quality of the refrigerated storage and processing. At Geerlofs Refrigeration, we combine knowledge of cooling technology with that of your fresh produce.

Cooling technology

Operational reliability, environmental care and low operational costs are likewise important principles. Using natural refrigerants, smart solutions to reuse waste heat, intelligent control, and complete monitoring throughout the storage process. Essential for our method is that we not only design but also install: it should work as intended.

Your advantages with the GisoCool® by Geerlofs Refrigeration
Peace of mind: be assured of your cooled business
Future-proof cooling technology: durable and energy efficient
Direct response from the Geerlofs team via internet, telephone or on-site
Continuous search for perfection with specialised advice about the newest technologies to improve your product quality and reduce operational costs.