The freshness and thus the beauty of flowers is our passion. That is why our motto is ´dedicated to freshness´. For this reason Geerlofs Refrigeration is involved in all aspects of flower cooling and floriculture industry.

From post harvest storage and cooling of the grading hall at the breeder´s, to refrigeration technology in distribution and logistics at an airport or transporter. From greenhouse to auction and exporter, Geerlofs is the leading designer and supplier of your flower cooling.

We started in the Netherlands decades ago and are now designing and building flower cooling installations in all primary floriculture countries across the globe.

Fast cooling down and keeping cold: the best flower cooling

When the flowers come off the field, fast cooling down is crucial. After all, as soon as the stem has been cut, the supply of water and nutrition is stopped and the decay starts. To extend the vase life to a maximum, we want to reduce the metabolism of the flower as quickly as possible. This can be done with vacuum cooling or a pre-cool wall. Vacuum cooling removes the field heat from the flower within 15 minutes, a pre-cool wall takes several hours.

After this step, it would make sense to keep the flowers chilled and hence it would be desirable to grade them (sort and wrap) in a cooled hall or flower chamber. These areas are normally somewhat warmer, as there are people working, but as long as the shifts are not too long this should be fine.

After processing, the flowers are stored in the chilled outgoing cold store until the moment of transport.

Important aspects for flower cooling and flower cold storage.

  • Sufficient capacity of the cooling installation to get the flower shipment at the ideal temperature quickly.
  • A humidity level that is low enough to avoid fungus and diseases, but not so low that the flowers get dehydrated. Sometimes an AiroCide is used, as to retain the proper air quality in the storage rooms.
  • A good air distribution: literally around every flower the so-called microclimate should be right. One should therefore not save money on cooling capacity and the size and quantity of coolers.

Things like the wrapping of the flowers, the correct placement of boxes and crates in the vacuum cooler or pre-cool wall, and the proper loading of the storage room also deserve attention. Despite the fact that this is not directly connected to our services, it does influence your success. So you can count on Geerlofs’ advice.

Last but not least you have the option of choosing a Gisocomfortcold storage. Gisocomfort is the latest trend available for sales units. Providing comfort to both employee and flower. Both are sensitive to disturbing airflows. The low noise level in combination with perfect lightening account for an agreeable stay in the cooled room.

The advantages of Geerlofs flower cooling

  • Knowledge and experience in the flower market: we know how to extend the vase life of a flower.
  • Plenty of experience in flower cooling: continuity and reliability at low cost. References in the floriculture branch: our experience ensures a good result.