As special feature for the large scale growth chambers in laboratories, we offer the Hortihotel®.

Geerlofs Refrigeration developed the most innovative climate chamber that can rightly be called “the ideal location for practical studies of cultivation”. All imaginable physical and climatic conditions that influence the development of a crop can be programmed. Temperature, humidity, CO2 level, light intensity (PAR-measuring), and air speed are measured and controlled very accurately.

The beauty of this technology shows in the extremely user-friendly visualisation system. The internet connection available in the Hortihotel® ensures access from any location. The Hortihotel® provides the researcher with plenty of space to test and evaluate his creative and professional ideas.

Sustainable growth is within reach due to the Hortihotel®.

The advantages of Geerlofs

  • Knowledge and experience in climate and growth chambers: we know what the importance is of a continuous high product quality, hygiene and reliability.
  • Plenty of experience in refrigeration technology and air-conditioning: continuity and reliability at low cost.
  • Extensive and tailor-made control and visualisation with Gispro®, which provides control, flexibility and insight.
  • References in your branch: our experience ensures a good result.