Food processing

The freshness and taste of food is our passion. That is why our motto is ´dedicated to freshness´. As consumer, however, we are not standing next to the lettuce or potato when it comes off the land or out of the ground. By applying the proper cooling from the land, via the food processing until the shelf we retain the taste of freshness.

Cooling and freezing is a broad field in the food processing. The freezing of a chicken is a completely different thing than the cooling of spinach. Bread reacts differently to the cold than fruit. What does match is the demand for hygiene, continuity and reliability. In all aspects the quality of the food product has top priority.

Broad experience in food products and technology

Geerlofs Refrigeration has a broad experience in all segments:

  • Fish and meat
  • Bread and pastry
  • Vegetables and fruit
  • Potato products

Geerlofs masters all technologies in both cooling and freezing. This is important because every produce and each stage in the processing has a specific optimum in cooling and freezing technology.

  • Cooling and freezing spiral for the cooling down and freezing of bread products, fruit, vegetables, fish and meat
  • Freezing tunnel for example for poultry and potato products (fries, rösti and potato croquettes)
  • Blast freezer or shock freezer for batch freezing of among others fish, meat and snacks
  • Vacuum cooling for the (very) fast cooling down of leaf vegetables
  • Pre-cool wall or ‘flow-through’ cooling for complete and rapid cooling down of vegetables and fruit
  • Hydro-cooling for various products

Cool and control technology and hygiene

Since Geerlofs Refrigeration has a broad en deep experience, our advantage is to be found in brainstorming with you about ideas and designs from the start: from flow and logistics through the building to potential temporary storage and shipping chambers. For cooling technology, freezing technology, but also for panel installation and doors, we can help you with Gisopanel®and Gisodoor®.

We prefer to choose natural refrigerants like ammonia (NH3 or R717) and carbon dioxide (CO2 or R744). And because we have our own software engineers and have been designing and offering PLC control technologies from the start, we are capable to give you a perfect insight in the quality of your produce, the status of your refrigeration system and its energy consumption from your desk or via the web. If necessary, our helpdesk can assist in reaching the best performance by remote monitoring also after delivery. For this we rely on Gispro® control and the Gismo® helpdesk.

We have mentioned hygiene above. This is expressed in reaching the required produce temperature within the given time again and again. But also, hygiene plays an important part in the sandwich panel installation: the use of the proper seals, avoiding dead angles and the proper installation of sills, to name a few things that are important for the smooth extension of your certificates.

The advantages of Geerlofs

Knowledge and experience in food processing: we know what the importance is of a continuous high produce quality, hygiene, reliability and perfect insight in your company.

  • Plenty of experience in refrigeration technology: con
  • After sales service and improvement with several service offerings and tools.
  • References in your branch: our experience ensures a good result.