Electronic control panel

The GR2601 has been developed by Geerlofs to give your cold stores the best possible control. It consists out of a touch screen to be positioned next to the cold store and a control panel which will be fitted into the switch board.

On the touch screen you can read the set points and actual values of for instance the cold store temperature. Changes to the set points can also be done using the touch screen.

The control panel has been prepared to:

  • Connect digital electronic thermometers, PT1000 sensors, max 6 pieces
  • Connect a digital electronic hygrometer
  • Program time periods with different set temperatures during the day
  • Moisture control: drying and/or humidification
  • Compressor control
  • Inlet and outlet hatches control

The Geerlofs GR2601 can be addressed through a PC on your desk and remotely. To realize this one needs a PC interface box, software and a desktop computer with two network connections. The interface will take care of the communication between the desktop computer and the control panel through the network and is nothing more than a very transparent serving hatch. Remotely one can read out and down load graphs of data. Moreover it is possible to set up alarms to be transmitted through email or SMS. In due course the GR2601 can also be connected to our Gispro® Geerlofs Intelligent Processor.