New developments and sustainable design

In the past years the field of cold storages has changed. First of all there is more attention to the cold chain in food and flower supply. It is recognized that food safety and flower life time benefit by closing the cold chain from farmer to consumer. Both the volume of fresh produce reaching consumers as well as the product quality increase. Geerlofs Refrigeration is invited more often to seminars to share our vision on the design and use of cold stores at farms, in distribution and in food production.

In refrigeration technology sustainable design has grown in importance. Sustainability is for instance about the choice of refrigerant: low GWP HFC refrigerants and natural refrigerants like ammonia, propane and CO2 are the only options nowadays. Plain and clear engineering experience is still vital to the design and construction of cold stores and freezer stores. With add on heat recovery, designing condensers such that lower condensation temperature is reached, deploying frequency controlled motors and making use of available cold and warm natural resources your effective and efficient refrigeration system is within reach.

Both for the reduction of energy use as well as the increase of quality of your fresh produce, the Geerlofs Intelligent Storage Processor Gispro® offers what you need. With Gispro® we allow you to view your system and manage your cold store remotely from any location with internet access. As a partner we can assist you in keeping up time high and energy usage low, by monitoring your cold storage and freezer storage with you through the internet. With a service called Gismo® we offer a good mixture of taking care of yourself and having an experienced partner offering help each day of the year.