“We grow and package our flower bulbs in-house and we sell them worldwide. Bulbs are a natural produce and therefore sensitive to changing circumstances. Temperature and humidity have great impact on the produce and thus on the quality. With our experience we understand how long and how deep the bulbs need to be cooled and we know the right humidity level we need to keep during storage. With visual checks of the bulbs we monitor their quality and if needed we adjust the temperature and humidity easily in the user friendly Geerlofs control.

Natural refrigerant ammonia (NH3)
Geerlofs advised us to use a central refrigeration system with ammonia as the natural refrigerant. Ammonia is friendly for the environment, energy efficient and there is no need for a phase out. With the central installation we can reuse the waste energy to heat the stores when needed and reduce humidity. Also the heat the refrigeration system creates itself, is used to defrost the coolers and heat the offices with under floor heating.

Sustainability is important for me. So we use this as an argument in many decisions we take, not only in the refrigeration system. For example we have sustainable crates and use solar power to produce electricity.

Geerlofs is a great partner for us because the whole story makes sense, from start to end and beyond. We know they listen to us and we have good discussions. Everything is explained nicely which makes the cooperation between Kébol and Geerlofs feel good”.

Says Jos van der Drift, owner of Kébol.