Gispro®, controlling of refrigeration technology

Gispro® is Geerlofs' hardware and software solution for the controlling of our industrial refrigeration systems. It does not only control the Geerlofs Giscool® cooling system but also, if applicable, the ventilation system, ULO/CA system, doors and lightening based on the current weather conditions, data regarding produce quality and technical information about the system itself. It displays all relevant data (and more) on a touch screen in order for the user to evaluate and adjust.


We have acquired knowledge of storing and processing crops, meat and fish due to our longstanding cooperation with agricultural entrepreneurs and food processors who are leaders in their businesses. Our software engineers were able to combine know-how of your fresh goods, ventilation, ULO/CA and cooling into one control system. Gispro® automates the things you do not want to be bothered with, while giving you the freedom to adjust those settings you want to control yourself.


Your advantages with the integrated approach of Gispro®

  • Gispro® automatically chooses the best possible settings to cool and freeze your produce.
  • Gispro® has the intelligence to achieve the lowest possible energy consumption:
     - Integrated control of mechanical cooling developed by Geerlofs itself
     - For ventilation systems: ‘free’ cooling whenever possible
  • Gispro® provides the option to add your own experiences
     - Air circulation based on room temperature differences
    - Choice between manual or automatic
     - Alarm max/min settings
     - Settings of the ventilation process
     - Drying with air heaters or ventilation air (potatoes and onions)
  • Gispro® clear visualisation and user-friendly
  • Gispro® data logging and data analysis in table and chart
  • Gispro® sends warnings via SMS and/or email
  • Gispro® remote controlling with internet connection, see also Gismo®
  • Gispro® allows for optional air heaters
  • Gispro® allows for optional humidifiers
  • Gispro® is easily expandable for future applications