General information

Control techniques

Touch screens, switch boxes and electronic control panels together with the use of proper and tailor-made software, ensure a perfect control system and adjustment of the complete storage system. Whether this encompasses only refrigeration or includes ventilation, (de-) humidification, lighting, ULO/CA and more.

Automatic or manual

The managing and adjusting of your installation becomes more and more important. Automatic settings when possible and manual for the parts you would like to keep in your own hands. What is good for your fresh produce, how do we control the climate safely and how do we minimise energy consumption? These are things Geerlofs Refrigeration does for you, using state-of-the-art technology.

PLC technology and Internet

If you wish, an internet connection can be made with the heart of the installation. Remotely controlling and managing of a Geerlofs installation is within everybody’s reach. Supported by PLC technology and the visualisation of the components, set and measured values and troubleshooting, they make the Geerlofs Refrigeration installation complete.

Your advantages with Geerlofs

  • In-company software engineers
  • Translation of 80 years experience in fresh produce into control techniques
  • Combination of hard refrigeration technology with soft know-how of controls provides continuity, energy-savings and reliability
  • In-company production
  • Helpdesk for detailed support