Horticultural vegetables

Horticultural vegetables, such as bell peppers, cucumber, beans and tomatoes should not be stored long, if they are intended for the fresh market. Hence, we cannot really be speaking about storage and should rather talk about fast cooling down and processing, which is so important for PVF cooling.

What are the characteristics of PVF cooling?

The warmth of the greenhouse or field should be removed as quickly as possible, in order to reach the ideal storage temperature in the shortest amount of time. The use of pre-cool walls (‘suck walls’/’blow walls’/ ‘pressure walls’) is therefore often found in PVF cooling for breeders and growers. In cooperation with leading costumers, Geerlofs has managed to continuously improve these systems over the course of several decades.

When making the design of the cold storage it is important a distinction between the areas for cooling down, processing (washing and/or cutting and wrapping) and dispatching. Space to manoeuvre, adequate storage area to buffer the time between harvest and transport. And hygiene.

Your advantages

Geerlofs has a number of unique advantages:

  • The combination of knowledge of horticulture and expertise in drying, cooling and control technology leads to a higher produce quality and higher revenue (more sellable kilos).
  • More than 80 years experience on national and international level with your colleagues.
  • Design, production, installation and service of your PVF cooling in one hand.
  • Complete overview and control comfort with Gispro® technique.