Leafy vegetables

A special group are the so-called leafy vegetables like spinach, Chinese cabbage and iceberg lettuce. Typical of these vegetables are a large leaf surface and a fast decay of the produce. Delicious if fresh! But how disappointing two weeks after…

For this product group we should find the shortest way from the fields to the shelf.

Hence the cooling should be fast too. This is done by vacuum cooling (the fastest form of cooling), with a pre-cool wall, whether or not with moistening (wet flow cooling) or hydro-cooling, in which the product is run through a water-basin. Once cooled down, the next task is to keep the product at a stable temperature. Therefore, we do the processing (washing, cutting, wrapping) in a cooled room, if possible on the same day. Immediately after this step, the goods are dispatched to the supermarket and we are therefore within 36 hour reach of the consumer.


Because storage and processing happen simultaneously in your branch, hygiene is an important issue. This requires special attention for panel construction, sealing and the cleaning of the entire building.

Your advantages

Geerlofs has a number of unique advantages:

  • The combination of knowledge of leafy vegetables and expertise in cooling and control technology leads to a higher produce quality and higher revenue (more sellable kilos).
  • More than 80 years experience on national and international level with your colleagues.
  • Design, production, installation and service in one hand.
  • Complete overview and control comfort with Gispro® technique.