Bakeplus invests in a new air conditioned distribution center

Since 1934 Bakeplus is the supplier of a complete range of products for bakeries, confectionaries, pastry shops, ice makers and food companies. Bakeplus has grown to become a renowned wholesaler with a broad product program of ingredients, branded products, private label products, hardware and imported products. These products are fresh, cooled or deep frozen. With two distribution centers and 26 trucks nationwide distribution is guaranteed. As a next step and to service the northern part of The Netherlands better, a third DC was necessary.

This new DC is built in Steenwijk, nearby high ways and close to the area. Geerlofs was chosen to build new cold stores and freezer stores, turn key. Which means that Geerlofs is responsible for the insulated panels of the range Gisopanel® as well as the refrigeration and freezer systems. The two systems are being controlled by Gispro®. Through this the system can be monitored remotely and valuable data of the performance of the system is supplied.