Fish auction at Lauwersoog, The Netherlands ready for the future

Lauwersoog, an important seagoing fishing port with an accompanying industrial estate and its own fish auction, is the home port to a large number of fishing vessels. The fish auction Lauwersoog is the most northern auction of The Netherlands. Fresh shrimps are the main produce to be sold to wholesalers, retail and food producers. Prior to the sales, the fish is sorted and presented such that potential buyers know what they are getting.

The building of the auction was erected in the 1970’s and made entirely from concrete. The sanitary demands and insulation values demanded nowadays made the auction to invest in modernization. Geerlofs started in 2022 with renewing the ice hall and the sorting area. All around these halls are now equipped with walls and ceilings from Gisopanel® food safe insulation panels. The refrigeration systems are replaced with their state of the art successors and LED lighting is mounted. This was much to the liking of the auction and therefore Geerlofs was asked to also modernize the shrimp hall and the cold stores. This operation was performed first half year of 2023. Now that the building is up to date, fish auction Lauwersoog is ready for the future.