Geerlofs Refrigeration is the specialist for fresh food and frozen produce. We design, manufacture and install cold storages and air-conditioned process areas that are to be found on the journey that fresh produce makes between harvest, catch or slaughter all the way to the consumer. One could think of cooling/freezing systems at farms and nurseries or, one step ahead, at logistics providers that store and transport the produce. And yet another step further at wholesalers. This entire chain of cooling and storage is where we feel at home. This is where we continuously strive to do better. It is our nature.

On our website we tell you what keeps us going: your fresh produce and the technology to keep it fresh longer, even if you freeze it. 'Dedicated to freshness' is our motto. Cooling technology, refrigeration technology, cold storage and freezer storage, designed together with you, produced in our factory and turnkey installed and serviced by our people.

By the way, we do not produce chilled cabinets and furniture found in many shops to display fresh cheese, meat and dairy products, but our parent company Smeva does.

Geerlofs Refrigeration