Again extending Avoird Flower Bulbs in Lemmer, The Netherlands

Almost 30 years ago Geerlofs built the first cold store for lily’s for the company Van der Avoird. In 1993 when the company burnt down during a big fire, the obvious chose was to allow Geerlofs to rebuild the storage facilities.

Van der Avoird, with 70 Ha lily bulbs and as well 70 Ha of tulip bulbs, is a famous flower bulb company in The Netherlands. Koos van der Avoird, third generation family member to become Managing Director, with its 12 employees and many temporary workers grow and process a quality produce in a state-of-the-art facility.

With a staggering 50 different types of cultivars, the company is ever growing. The number of Gisopanel® insulation panels and blue Gisodoor®sliding doors are increasing as well. After the 1993 project, adding new cold stores and a new machine room for additional central refrigeration was a fact in 2007. And now again Van der Avoird is investing in growth: mid 2018 the third machine room and yet more cold stores are taken into operation.