Asia Food Express extends food processing facility

Asia Food Express is a supplier of Asian, Indian and African food produce. With a program of 3.500 products it can present itself as a complete line supplier. The essence for the company is to let consumers experience authentic tastes. Good storage under perfect conditions to let fresh produce be fresh longer, is vital to preserves these tastes. In the year 2010, Geerlofs has built a facility with cold storages, freezer storages and a conditioned expedition hall for Asian Food, part of the Brouwer Food Group.

As the demand for Asian produce is increasing, the company will expand. Starting early 2020, on the left side of the building a complete new wing will be erected. Again Geerlofs was invited to contribute to this. Over 1000 m2 of cold storage and more than 1000 m2 of expedition space will be added. Using Gisopanel® insulation panels and Gisodoor® insulated doors this new part will be insulated optimally. Geerlofs will in addition to this also design and build a central refrigeration system to ensure demanded temperatures are kept in an economical way. Halfway 2020 the new building will be taken into use.