Chirina, Georgia, builds ultra-modern sausage factory

Chirina is one of the largest agricultural companies in Georgia. With its main office in Tbilisi, several divisions are managed. All active in food processing in the Caucasus. In the past Geerlofs has designed and built a fruit storage and processing facility with ULO cold stores. Also Geerlofs has delivered refrigeration systems for Chirina’s poultry factory.

At present work has started to build an ultramodern sausage factory. Geerlofs Refrigeration has a prominent role in the project. We deliver and install the Gisopanel® insulated panels and Gisodoors® for the building itself. Geerlofs assembles a central refrigeration system for 23 different rooms in the facility as well as deliver air handling units. Applying in this central system heat recovery for the purpose of the drying stores and producing water for cleaning, gives Chirina an unsurpassed energy efficiency.

Furthermore, as the demand in the market for frozen produce is developing rapidly, a new freezing store will be built as well.

A user friendly and purpose specific control system using Gispro® software will enable the user to have optimal control over the system and its performance.