DSV Air & Sea: air cargo service provider opens new facility at Schiphol Airport

Panalpina is one of the largest air cargo transporting companies and is part of DSV Panalpina A/S since August 2019. With 60.000 employees, DVS Panalpina A/S is present in over 90 countries and can be seen as a truly global service provider. Modern facilities which match increasing customer wishes and demands are thus needed. For this reason DSV Air & Sea has taken into use a new facility at Schiphol Rozenburg.

When processing food and pharmaceutical produces hygiene and reliable refrigeration are of extreme importance. Geerlofs Refrigeration designed and built the refrigeration system of the new facility at Incheon Road near Schiphol. Also Geerlofs supplied the insulated panels and doors. The facility is split into two parts to separate the pharmaceutical business from the other perishables.

The core of the industrial refrigeration system is a indirect ammonia compressor unit of over 600kW. Making use of a natural refrigerant means not only elevated energy efficiency, it as well ensures compliance with newest legislation regarding industrial refrigeration. These new rules demand the use of refrigerants which don’t contribute in a negative way to the greenhouse effect: ammonia has the best specifications possible and has zero impact on CO2 exhaust when released.

Frequency control is applied to increase energy efficiency further and enables demand driven capacity control. Heat recovery is used to create energy neutral defrosting of evaporators and delivers the necessary heating power for ambient temperature areas. Of course, adequate redundancy is in place and sensitivity to malfunctions is therefore reduced.

The facility has three temperature zones at the pharmaceutical side: ambient, cooled and frozen. This part of the building has been temperature mapped at commissioning to ensure suitable temperature control.

The perishable side has several temperature zones as well to create suitable climates for food and flower produces. A vacuum cooler is part of the system to cool down certain perishables like flowers and leafy vegetables, amazingly quickly. The vacuum cooler does require complicated technology to enable instant delivery of high cooling capacity at the so called flash point of the vacuuming process.

DSV Air & Sea at Schiphol Rozenburg is now ready for the highest demands customers can define. And Geerlofs Refrigeration is proud to be involved in the coming years to continue the quality level through a custom made maintenance contract. Naturally Gismo®, Geerlofs’ remote monitoring service, is part of the contract.