Fastest growing Dutch supermarket chain Vomar expands DC further with Geerlofs Refrigeration

Vomar celebrated in 2018 its 50th birthday with promotions and attractive product offerings. With success: it has grown as never before. With 66 supermarket locations Vomar is a visible player on the Dutch food market.

When the opportunity arose to expand right next to the existing distribution center, it was easy to decide to take it. This very much needed increase of storage capacity in the DC serving the supermarkets is now being realized.

Geerlofs has designed the refrigeration part of the distribution center.  It will exist among others out of a large cold store of 80 x 60 x 8,5 meter for dairy products. Geerlofs will supply and install the insulated panels, the doors and the refrigeration system. Gisopanel® and Gisodoor® secure optimal insulation of the cold stores against temperature and moisture leakage. The refrigeration system with ammonia as refrigerant guarantees readiness for a green future.