Geerlofs to deliver propane refrigeration system to Dutch tulip grower

Hanenburg-Hettinga is a leading agricultural company with main focus on tulip growing. As expansion of the site was needed, the family owned business reviewed how to do this in the most environmentally friendly way.

Geerlofs has had the honor to serve Hanenburg-Hettinga for the past 20 years and in cooperation with Agrofocus consultancy proposed to install a refrigeration system with a natural refrigerant: propane.

The refrigeration system will be indirect, meaning the use of propane will be limited to the machine room and in the building water/glycol will be used as a means to bring the cold to the stores. Both the compressors as well as the fluid pumps will be equipped with frequency controlled motors to enable variable speed drive. The system will be future proof, already taking into account possible extension with two additional cold stores later.

The system will be taken into use coming summer with a Sercom climate computer.