Grant opening of the Schoneveld Breeding PlantXperience

Recently the spectacular new facility of Schoneveld Breeding has officially been opened. Schoneveld Breeding was established in 1930 and specializes in breeding cold-loving pot plants such as Cyclamen, Primula, Ranunculus and Campanula. The company has grown into a major player. To facilitate further growth a brand new building has been built.

With its 200 employees Schoneveld Breeding is a valuable customer of Geerlofs for both the locations in The Netherlands and Tanzania.

Geerlofs has designed and installed climate rooms in the Experience Center. Four growing rooms, eight climate rooms and five germination chambers have been built using Gisopanel® sandwich panels and Gisodoor® insulated sliding doors and hinged doors.

To give all these areas their respective climates, quite some equipment will be delivered. Naturally the refrigeration system, in this case n indirect cooling system. But also heating, drying and humidification systems have been mounted. All together controlled by Gispro®, Geerlofs’ in-house developed PLC control system with customer specific software.

Schoneveld cold stores Geerlofs