Hartman Logistics builds her own future in Nieuw Amsterdam

Hartman Expeditie is specialized in transport of perishables such as vegetables, fruit and flowers to Scandinavia. With facilities in The Netherlands and Denmark, the company is since 25 years an important player. In 2016 a new facility was built in Nieuw Amsterdam near the border with Germany in the north of The Netherlands. At the time Geerlofs designed and built the cold stores for the storage of fresh produce. This new location proved to be a golden idea: three years later the facility is too small to cope with the growth.

So Geerlofs has been invited to extend the cooling system: a new cold store will be constructed and a space of 12.000 m3 will be conditioned. With in-house designed and assembled compressor units with our Geerlofs controls the refrigeration system will be controlled. The Geerlofs service department will as usual be available 24/7 to follow up maintenance.