HVO Meat builds a new facility…. with Geerlofs

HVO Meat is a meat processing company specialized in selecting, deboning and cutting of veal and lamb meat. Over 30 years HVO Meat supplies high quality veal and lamb meat to distributors, butcheries and restaurants.

Due to continuous growth and the ambition of owner Matthijs de Jong, building a green field facility was the obvious choice. A suitable location was found in Waddinxveen in the middle of The Netherlands, Bessel Architecten designed the building and Promad guids the building process. The refrigeration naturally is of crucial importance. This beautiful produce demands reliable cooling, the environmentally friendly feeling of Matthijs asks for modern technology without much impact on the environment.

Geerlofs Refrigeration therefore designed a direct CO2 refrigeration installation where three compressors deliver the required 130kW of cooling and two compressors 50 kW of freezing capacity. At both sides frequency controlled compressors will be used. Also the installation generates heating out of the waste heat.

Geerlofs’ proprietary software package Gispro® for the PLC control ensures an effective and efficient control of the installation. It also offers a clear visualization of all data and the status of the equipment. Through Gismo®, the complete installation is accessible from any location through the internet.

With this HVO Meat receives a modern installation using a natural refrigerant with ultra low GWP and which is controlled in an energy efficient manner.

HVO Meat processing