It will be very cold in Georgia

Georgia is situated in the southern part of the Caucasus. The country has a subtropical climate. And still it will be freezing deep near the capital Tblisi: Geerlofs will build four shock freezers for the company Chirina achieving a temperature of -40ºC.

Georgia and Chirina are well known to Geerlofs. For several companies Geerlofs has built cold stores, freezer stores and processing areas using Gisopanel® insulated panels and Gisocool® refrigeration systems. For Chirina, a valued long standing customer, we built a fruit storage using ULO/CA technology, a chicken slaughter and a large freezer storage.

This year yet another new project is planned. Four shock freezers will be built with a capacity of 10 tons of chickens. With pressure walls and high pressure fans combined with a lowered ceiling frozen air will be guided to flow past and through trolleys of chickens. With this air flow method a short freezing time is guaranteed and with this the quality of the poultry. The refrigeration system will contain 4 separate two stage freezer installations, built in our factory in containers. These containers will be positioned directly next to the shock freezers. In this way building time will be shortened and the machine room can be repositioned easily in the future if needed.