KP Holland Innovation Lab

KP Holland is a renowned family owned Dutch breeding and propagation company. The company operates globally and produces the most beautiful plants. To stay in the forefront of the business, KP Holland has built an innovation laboratory. With it molecular breeding technologies come within reach. The new lab also creates possibilities for growth in research propagation and tissue culture technology.

Geerlofs has delivered the climate system for the lab with which the grow rooms are kept at the right conditions. The required accuracy for temperature and relative humidity is high due to the application. While also attention was to be given to energy use and environmental impact of the refrigerant.

For this reason Geerlofs has produced and installed an indirect refrigeration system which gives excellent control possibilities. The system cools and heats. The air is brought into the grow rooms using air socks. In parallel also the racking is cooled directly with floor cooling.

During cooling, the excess heat generated by the refrigeration system is re-used: a warm water buffer is filled with the waste heat from the compressors.

Because the grow lights are controlled as well by Geerlofs, the used Gispro® system shows all relevant conditions in the grow rooms at a glance.

KP Holland

grow room

climate installation