NH3 pump refrigeration system for slaughterhouse T. Boer & Zn

With an experience of almost a century and a half, T. Boer & zn operates a slaughtery of about 400.000 units per year. Traditional craftmanship of 400 employees is essential every day again. Royal Warrant Holder
T. Boer & zn is an integral member of the VanDrie Group: the world’s largest integrated calf group with complementary sectors: calf feed, calf husbandry’s, veal production and calf skins.

To ensure continuity and ongoing upgrading of the refrigeration system, the company extends its refrigeration capacity. To do this, a new underground building is being realized next to the existing facility with a capacity of 2000 carcasses.

Geerlofs Refrigeration won the order for the engineering, manufacture and installation of a 900kW ammonia pump refrigeration system to (slowly) cool off and store veal carcasses. The new cold area, will be subdivided into 15 sections with their own evaporators. Each section is temperature controlled. Also the air speed and air volume will be adjustable through speed controlled fans in each cooler. The refrigeration unit will be containerized and positioned directly above the underground building. The installation as a whole will be managed through a customized Gispro® PLC program, offering a wealth of visualization and reporting options.