Rafterless building for Van Huisstede meat processing being doubled in size

Back in 2002 Geerlofs has built a turn key facility for Van Huisstede meat processing in the beautiful city of Dronrijp in the North of Holland. Gisopanel® insulated panels has been used for decades in energy friendly buildings. Thanks to the specific properties Gisopanel® can be intergrated into the complete construction of the building. Result is that facilities can be built without steel frames. Food processing facilities are characterized among others by many different spaces of small dimensions, because of which spans are not very large in length. Building without rafters is a low cost solution and still by all means more hygienic than the conservative way of construction. Especially in the steel frames dirt is collected and rust is formed. Thus rafterless buildings are very useful in food processing. Geerlofs has built many of these over the 85 years of its existence.

Van Huisstede is well known for its craftmanship, knowledge and passion for meat. There is much more possible with suppliers who have the ‘Better Life’ certification. Sustainability, animal friendly transport to slaughter houses, natural living environment and natural feed are important aspects for Van Huisstede. Currently in the facility 10 people are working. A good market position and adding produces are reasons to expand to a building of twice the size. In the new part a working space, cold storage, freezer storage, shock cooler and crate washing department will be housed as well as new offices. Naturally Geerlofs will add not only the rafterless Gisopanel®building but the refrigeration equipment as well.