Ripening and drying stores for sausage maker Spijkerman

Beautiful ham and dry sausages come from Italy, Spain and from … Friesland, The Netherlands. Spijkerman makes delicious hams and has a broad range of dry sausages. These meat produces are produced and stored under special conditions in dry stores. The sausage maker from Akkrum is also a specialist in raw ham. These are made from Livar pig meat and 100% pure sea salt. In the ripening stores the raw hams are dried and salted under specific temperature and humidity levels.

Geerlofs Refrigeration designed the multifunctional dry/ripening stores for Spijkerman. With an indirect refrigeration system the chambers are cooled or heated with accurate temperature control and using the drying and moisturizing functions the relative humidity can be set. Also the chambers themselves were made by Geerlofs using food safe insulation panels and Gisodoor® insulated doors. The control panels from the next generation GR2600 series from Geerlofs are positioned directly next to the stores. Spijkerman was able to use the stores during the busy Christmas days in 2019.