Smeva Group becomes Royal

Smeva Group, of which Geerlofs Refrigeration is a part, has received the right to use the designation Royal. This right was allowed by the King of the Netherlands. It is the crown on the work of the family company which has been designing and manufacturing refrigerated display counters and cold store solutions since 100 years.  

Smeva has received the designation Royal with pride. The third generation of the family Smets leads the Group nowadays, being an in The Netherlands and beyond well-recognized company with over 230 employees. Charles Smets (CEO Smeva Group): “I was raised with Smeva and I couldn’t have wished anything more. For over 100 years we design, manufacture and supply our products to customers worldwide. The involvement of the family is felt in the entire company. My grandfather Marcelis Smets founded the company in 1920. And my father Frans Smets, built the company to what it is now: a solid name in refrigeration. Unfortunately he past away recently, but this designation Royal is a tribute to his work.”

Royal during the COVID19 pandemic
A year ago the pandemic made festivities for the 100 years existence impossible. Recently however, all employees of Smeva and Geerlofs and their partners still celebrated this special occasion. “A year ago, we held an on-line broadcasting event for the employees, but as a family owned business we find it particularly important to celebrate this with our employees and their partners. The designation Royal is an achievement for all colleagues. To commemorate the successes of the past helps to confidently steer to the future”, says Henk Dibbets, Managing Director of Smeva. Radboud Blom, Managing Director of Geerlofs adds “Geerlofs is part of the Smeva group since 10 years and we have felt part of the family since the start. In our own almost 90 year history Geerlofs recognizes the importance of the closeness of the family owner. It gives reassurance and at the same time the obligation to keep on building to a sustainable future”.

Investing is sustainability
Both companies in the Group invest in the future. Where Geerlofs has recently moved to a new facility in the City of Rotterdam, Smeva embarks on an ambitious project for a brand new building in Valkenswaard in the South of The Netherlands. Also, Group wide, a new business software package is being implemented. And both companies continuously design new and innovative products.

From left to right: Henk Dibbets, Managing Director Smeva, Ina Adema Royal Commissioner of North Brabant; Charles Smets, CEO Smeva Group; Anton Ederveen, Mayor of Valkenswaard; Radboud Blom, Managing Director Geerlofs