Syngenta continues to invest

Syngenta is a global company with headquarters in Switzerland. 28,000 employees in 90 countries are working to transform how crops are grown and protected. The company accelerates its innovation and invests to advance a more sustainable agriculture which is good for nature, farmers and society.

Syngenta’s work helps farmers to face the challenges of today’s changing world. Farmers must adapt to the effects of climate change, improve the soil and enhance biodiversity, and respond to society’s views on food and agricultural technology.

In Syngenta’s facility in Zeewolde, The Netherlands, among others research is done to improve seed material of onions, cabbages and carrots. In April, contractor HediBouw will start the building process for a new facility.

Geerlofs Refrigeration will design, install and maintain climatization rooms. And as such will supply the insulated panels, using Gisopanel®, insulated doors with Gisodoor® and the equipment to ensure the right climate is created. The facility will contain a seed storage, a heating/cooling room and a climatization room. Not only will Geerlofs take care of the right temperature, also the humidity level is important. Both air drying equipment as well as moisturization units will be integrated in the system to create best circumstances. Halfway this year the facility will be taken in use.