Two new buildings for Brouwer Food Group – Visscher Seafood and Schiava

The Brouwer Food Group (Brouwer Groothandelsgroep) has a history of almost a century. Albert Brouwer started a catering company in 1923 in the typical Dutch fishing village called Urk. At present the company has developed into an international company with a passion for food. It still is a family owned group of companies being lead by the fourth generation.

The group has five entities: Asia Express Food, Visscher Seafood, Fisherman’s Choice, Schiava and Horecagroothandel Brouwer. For all five companies produce quality and thus produce freshness is key. We are proud that Geerlofs Refrigeration plays an important role in ensuring this each and every day with our airconditioned working areas, cold stores and freezer stores. We are connected to the Brouwer Food Group since the early 1990’s, supplying refrigerated stores to Visscher Seafood. These stores have been modernized and expanded in 2014 for processing fresh salmon.

Early 2022 the next step will be taken: neighboring land has been acquired. In cooperation with building company Heutink, we will build a complete new fish processing facility from receiving fresh salmon to vacuum packaging portions of salmon. Geerlofs Refrigeration produces and installs insulated Gisopanel®, Gisodoors® and naturally also Geerlofs purpose designed refrigeration systems. Complete with online monitoring systems Gispro®.

As a proof that the Brouwer Food Group has an enormous ambition, yet another new project will be started: to allow Schiava to enter a brand new facility. Schiava is a distribution company for the catering industry in the northern Dutch city Groningen, with an Italian touch. Also here Geerlofs can show its dedication to freshness. We take the responsibility to design and install a food safe insulated building with a large freezer store, cold stores and a conditioned expedition area. Two separated refrigeration systems will accomplish this. An intelligent heat recovery system will be used to regain the heat otherwise lost, in order to heat up the building and supply warm water for cleaning.