Vomar Supermarkets expands distribution center

Only two years after its last expansion, the distribution center of Vomar becomes 5200 m2 larger. Being the fastest growing supermarket chain on the Dutch market this is a logical next step. Having acquired new outlets the DC needs to keep up with the pace.

With their own bakery, butchery and fruit & vegetable department produce freshness is key for Vomar. Geerlofs Refrigeration was therefore the natural choice to again become the partner to design and build the complete refrigeration in the extension. Not without a reason we hold ‘Dedicated to Freshness’ as our motto.

The new space for the DC will be made in an existing building adjacent to the present Vomar DC. A facility were in 2019 Geerlofs already mounted insulated panels and a refrigeration system to enable Vomar to move its dairy center to it. Now that more space is available, Geerlofs will insulate this as well and mount an additional ammonia indirect cooling system to get 12ºC and 4ºC areas for the expedition. The new space will be ready for use in October 2021. The total length of the DC will then be close to 600 meters.

“cold store realized in 2019”