ZOS / HZPC: new potato storage with Geerlofs ammonia pump refrigeration system

ZOS is a potato storage and transhipment company. With a total storage capacity of 30.000 tons it is a leading company in potato sorting, storage, packaging and transportation. ZOS is part of the HZPC group of companies, the famous player in potato breeding.

After Geerlofs had thoroughly renovated the storages at the other two locations of ZOS, it was now the turn for Emmeloord to modernize. With its vision ‘Feeding the World’, ZOS focusses on sustainability, offering responsible food to the world population. Potatoes are a valuable answer to the ever increasing demand for food.

In line with this Geerlofs Refrigeration offered and ZOS chose the ‘green’ solution in refrigeration: a ammonia pump system to cool the crop and keep moisture content at the right level. Of course Gispro® is part of the system offering not only intelligent control, excellent management data but also remote control and support through Gismo®. Ready for the future at ZOS!