Agrico invests yet another time with Geerlofs as refrigeration partner

Not even a half year after commissioning the new laboratory for Agrico Research in the city of Bant, Geerlofs was asked to execute a new project for this leading potato company. “From the seedling to the supermarket shelf”, that is Agrico. A powerful cooperation that has evolved into an organization that markets potatoes all over the globe, breeds new varieties and invents innovative solutions. The potato is a versatile and healthy source of nutrients. It contains large quantities of vitamin B, C, fibre and minerals. This is one of the reasons the potato is featured on the daily menu in many countries. As the world population is ever growing and thus the demand for potatoes as well, Agrico remains active to develop the crop further.

In the city of Emmeloord a new quality center will be built, directly next to the headquarters. Here the internal vitality as well as the external quality of all potato varieties will be followed and registered. Geerlofs builds several grow rooms and cold storages. For this purpose equipment with the combined function of heating, cooling as well as humidification will be installed. Contractor Doorn from Emmeloord, will be responsible for the building using Gisopanel® insulated panels and Gisodoor® insulated doors. Again an Agrico project which will set the example in the national and international agricultural sector.